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Psychological thriller giveaway

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Six leading thriller authors  
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Choices - AJ Campbell

Abbie was too troubled to see the danger posed by Tony Sharpe – until the day he pushed her too far.

Fatal Fury - Miranda Rijks

Pippa Durrant, psychologist to the police, isn’t meant to investigate. So when she helps vulnerable yummy mummy Amber, the consequences could be fatal.

Fatal Fury by Miranda Rijks short story.jpg
Wills_HisLostWife_Ebook with tagline.jpg
His Lost Wife - AJ Wills

The last thing Victor remembers is dancing through the streets of Rome with his wife, Ruby, on their honeymoon – so where is she now?

Saving April - Sarah A. Denzil

When Hannah Abbott notices her teenage neighbour, April, putting a disturbing sign in the window, she’s left with a terrible dilemma.

Sly Trap For a Fox - Carrie Magillen

Diane is crippled with agoraphobia after a near-fatal car crash four years ago, but when another car goes over Cruickshank’s Fell, she suspects her own brush with death was no accident.

Wrong Angle - Jade Eby & Emerald O'Brien

With a serial killer on the loose, Madigan Knox recognises the face of a missing woman on TV as someone from her past…someone she might be able to help.

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