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She Knows Kindle edition

by A J Wills (Author) 

Wills_SheKnows_Ebook_yellow_alt tagline

You shouldn’t believe everything you read...

Sky is trying to rebuild her life following the brutal murder of her mother.

But the chance discovery of a lost diary on the beach throws her new life into chaos.

Unable to resist reading it, she discovers its owner - the enigmatic Esme Winters - is in grave danger from a violent partner. 

But Esme denies her husband has ever raised his hand to her, accusing Sky of being a fantasist who’s unable to separate fact from fiction.

Is Esme lying? 

Or is it all in Sky’s imagination?

Sky remains convinced that rescuing Esme is her shot at redemption after failing her mother.

But as her obsession with Esme deepens, she finds herself drawn deeper into a deadly game that will leave blood on her hands and more questions than answers. 

She Knows is the addictive new psychological thriller from AJ Wills, the bestselling author of His Wife’s Sister.



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