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Quickfire author Q&A: Valerie Keogh

Valerie Keogh is an Irish psychological thriller author living in the UK who will be publishing her 21st book in the summer.

Although she started self-publishing, she was taken on by a publisher in 2018 and has just signed a four book deal with Boldwood Books.

The former nurse has been talking about writing up to 4,000 words a day, exploring her plots as she goes and avoiding the distraction of goldfinches and squirrels!

Where do you live?

In a small town in Wiltshire.

How many books have you published?

I've published 20 - my 21st is out August 1st.

How long have you been writing?

Although I’ve wanted to write forever, I only started in 2014.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes, since forever.

Do you write full-time?

I write full time now – I used to be a nurse.

Who are your favourite authors?

I was inspired by Agatha Christie. I love anything by John Connolly.

What does your writing day look like?

I try to write from 9 till 5 or 6 almost every day. I’m usually either writing or editing. When writing, I keep a word count. I try to write 2-4k a day, it just depends on how the story is going.

Do you plan your books in advance or discover as you go along?

I tried planning – got as far as writing Chapter One, then gave up. I wait to see where the story takes me.

Where do you write?

I have a desk in the spare bedroom, with a window overlooking a walnut tree - the squirrels and goldfinches keep me entertained and distracted.

Which has been your most successful book to date?

The Three Women

Where do your ideas come from?

Everywhere, anywhere, sometimes a word, something someone says, or something I see.

If readers are new to your work – which book of yours do you recommend starting with?

The Lies He Told because it’s a bit different.

What are you currently working on?

My 22nd as yet unnamed book which will be out in November 2022.

Tell us about your latest release.

My next book, my 21st, is out August 1st and is called The Lodger.

Valerie Keogh was born in Dublin, Ireland, the one below the middle in a family of nine. She trained as a nurse in the Mater Hospital. She self-published her first book in 2014 and had nine self-published books before she won her first publishing contract in 2018, when she gave up nursing to write full time and has never regretted the move. When she's not writing or editing or plotting her next novel, she loves to walk along the canal near her home. she loves to travel – anywhere! She has recently signed a four book contract with Boldwood Books – her first with them, her 21st novel is out on August 1st.


Valerie Keogh was talking to AJ Wills, the bestselling author of multiple psychological thrillers. He was a journalist for more than twenty years and has been writing full-time since March 2021. He's married to fellow thriller writer, AJ McDine.

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