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My top five thrillers - Jack Stainton

Thriller author, Jack Stainton, writes in the same style as his favourite books; fast-paced, full of twists and written to be easily read. Here are his top five thriller picks he thinks you really need to read.

Jack Stainton is the author of 'The Family' psychological thriller trilogy.

He has written four books and plans to publish a fifth later this year. It took a personal tragedy of losing a very dear friend to finally put pen to paper, but she persuaded him before her untimely death to finally realise his lifetime's ambition.

He readily admits that he scares himself with just how far his imagination can stretch...

1. The Beach – Alex Garland

Combining travel (something I’ve always adored) and mystery, this is the book which first introduced me to the psychological thriller genre. From the time the protagonist was handed a map to an exotic, yet unknown island, I was gripped. And what unfolded on that beach had me transfixed and rapidly turning the pages, everything in a thriller I adore. Just a shame the typecast of the movie has left an indelible scar I simply cannot shift!

2. The Magpies – Mark Edwards

The classic ‘meet the neighbours from hell’ novel and my introduction to Mark Edwards work. Fast paced, gripping and leaving you screaming at the page telling the couple to run! And I love a story which offers hope at the beginning, a dream life full of optimism, only for events to transpire against the heroin leaving them absolutely desperate by the conclusion.

3. The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena

You can’t beat a psychological thriller full of twists and trying to second guess the author, and this is one of those books. The family is so full of lies it has you wondering why something bad hasn’t happened to them before. Brilliant storytelling (as with all her books).

4. Behind Closed Doors – BA Paris

What a book! One of those you think could never possibly happen, but the deeper you read the more you begin to think about your own friends and family. So well written you are dying for the correct outcome. In my opinion, this is by far this authors best piece of work.

5. The Boat – Clara Salaman

Not an obvious choice by any means, but this has everything for me. Again, travel to a dream destination, followed by a mysterious circumstance, and then what unfolds encapsulates everything I love in this genre. It’s very dark in places and deals with subject matter which is certainly not for everyone, but I simply could not put this one down. Such a shame this author hasn’t gone on the write many more.


You're Family Now is the first book in Jack Stainton's psychological thriller 'Family' trilogy.

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