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My top five thrillers - Daniel Hurst

Bestselling thriller author, Daniel Hurst, regularly tops the Amazon charts with his twisty tales of domestic suspense and psychological drama. But when he's not writing, what does he read? Here are Daniel's top five thriller picks.

Daniel Hurst is the author of several popular psychological thrillers including Til Death Do Us Part, The Couple In The Cabin and the UK Kindle #1 bestseller The Doctor's Wife.

1. Our House by Louise Candlish

A woman comes home one day to find strangers moving into her house - is there a better opening hook than that?! Such a great concept and the story gets pretty dark, which I love!

2. Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

I'd been fascinated with the concept of lucid dreaming and controlling dreams since hearing about it in a podcast. So when I found out there was a psych thriller based all around it, I had to read it and it did not disappoint. That final twist!

3. The Chain by Adrian Mckinty

Another book with an amazing hook but I also love this because I'd read the story about this author almost quitting writing before he wrote this book, which went on to be a bestseller. I'll always back somebody who doesn't give up!

4. How To Disappear by Gillian McAllister

A thrilling read about a mother and daughter going into witness protection but with the intriguing twist of the woman's partner staying behind in their old life to try and catch the criminals who threaten them. Loved it!

5. The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham

Secrets. Lies. Perfect lives that are not actually so perfect and a crazy character with a very twisted way of getting what she wants - what more do you need from a psych thriller than that? Fantastic, fast read.


Daniel's latest thriller, My Daughter's Boyfriend is out now.

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