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My top five thrillers - AJ Campbell

Bestselling thriller author, AJ Campbell draws inspiration for her stories from seemingly unbelievable situations in which ordinary people find themselves. She creates compelling characters that resonate with her readers. But what does she read when she's not concocting twisty plots? Here are AJ's top five thriller picks.

An Amazon bestselling author of six psychological suspense novels, AJ Campbell promises stories full of twists, turns and torment. Her fourth book The Phone Call was released in July 2022, and topped the Amazon charts for several months as well as being shortlisted for the Adult Prize for Fiction at the Selfie Book Awards 2023.

She released her fifth novel The Wrong Key in January 2023, and her sixth one, Her Missing Husband, in May 2023.

She is a dog lover, Netflix junkie, and a wine and Asian food enthusiast. And, either reading, watching TV, or writing, AJ enjoys nothing more than getting stuck into a twisty story!

  1. Daisy Darker - Alice Feeney

If you like stories about dysfunctional families, this book is for you. It was the first Alice Feeney book I read, and I’ll be sure to be seeking out more.

2. The Housemaid - Freida McFadden

I didn’t see the main twist in this story coming. I highly recommend it for a quick, entertaining and easy read.

3. Verity - Colleen Hoover

A unique, all-consuming story about a seemingly dysfunctional family, but not all is how it appears. I couldn’t put this one down.

4. I Let You Go - Clare Mackintosh

For me, this book wins the award for twists of all twists! I read it on holiday one year and gasped out loud at the ending. My husband was on a sun lounger, and commented, ‘Should I read this book?’

5. The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty

Imagine discovering a secret so dark that it threatens everything you ever believed in… I found this one such a true page-turner. I had to know how it ended.


AJ Campbell's latest thriller, Her Missing Husband, is out now.

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